NADEAU AND THOMAS.... songwriters

 Luciann Gill Nadeau and Dave Thomas first met when Thomas was employed at a local recording studio.In search of new talents, Thomas ran an ad in a local newspaper - "local producer looking for new artists".One of the people who answered that ad was a little more serious than all the others - a songwriter, Luciann Gill Nadeau.  Nadeau and Thomas did a five-song project together and both quickly realized the potential of their relationship.

 Thus began a songwriting partnership.Usually, Nadeau has the beginnings of a song.Together they "hone" them to "perfection ". As a songwriting team they have written myriads songs, most of which are fully produced and mastered. They continue to work together and have many more songs on the way.All of their writing and recording takes place in the recently built, completely up to date Stray Dog Music Productions Studio. 

 Stray Dog Music Productions is a recording studio located in Gig Harbor Washington, using ProTools on a Mac computer. Thomas is the engineer /producer and has been playing and recording professionally for over 30 years. Mr. Thomas plays most of the instruments (guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, flute, dobro, telecaster, keyboard & vocals and we hire additional musicians as needed. 

 Luciann does all our marketing. We have placed several songs in Nashville and currently have a this single out available on our own website C.D.BABY.COM and Some of our material is available at, we are also set up to stream music through several different avenues. We have videos on

  Nadeau and Thomas were given an “Honorable Mention” by Robert K.Oermann of Music Row Magazine for “A New Cry For Freedom” and recently a positive review from Mr. Oermann for our latest song titled “I JUST CALLED HIM SON"



Stray Dog Music Productions Gig Harbor,Washington